Ina and the Erasmus Internship at Acarbio

Ina on the "Path of the Gods" (Amalfi Coast)

Ina on the “Path of the Gods” (Amalfi Coast)

November passed and my 4 months of wonderful internship ended with it too. I remember how many doubts I had in July and didn‘t want to leave Lithuania. During my last week here I sadly realised that I will miss everyone and everything. Of course I didn’t want to leave at all.

During my internship I learned a lot of things. August was wonderful, because I’ve spent it at the beach with ‘Make It Blue’ work camps. I was responsible for social media and for capturing moments at events like ‘Premio Francesca Mansi’ or social lunch organised by Acarbio. Also, I believe I learned a lot about starting a business and helped with many financial calculations. In the end I even learned how to properly glue a label on Re Fiascone tomato jar.
But despite the fact that I’m not there anymore, I am glad that I had the opportunity to know the Italian culture, explore Amalfi coast and work at ACARBIO. For example, I really liked to be involved in the Re Fiascone tomato sauce making process. Two jars came with me to Lithuania and will be later evaluated by my family.
Also, I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone for taking care of me:
To Maria Rosaria, for always being concerned about my health and taking me to many nice places. For example, to meet her friend Gianni who lives in a wild.

Ina in Pompei

Ina in Pompei

To Enzo, because it was interesting to talk with him and to learn about his way of viewing life. And of course for amazing cooking skills and for all those shared meals. I need to admit that sometimes I even ate 3 plates…
To Antonio, for always helping and taking care of me after I got injured, especially when I had to walk with crutches for two weeks. Thank you for taking me to the office almost every day or just passing by to check and say hi. You were always there for me, so I hope I was at least a bit useful for you in this internship and actually helped you.
Also, I am grateful to all people of Tramonti, for always being nice to me, helping to solve misunderstandings and being patient with my Italian language.
Thanks to all of them I improved. I believe that now I am more confident and I have a clearer idea about my career goals. Also, I became more fluent in both English and Italian.
I’m already thinking about coming back for a visit.

Thank you for being my family and I hope to see you next year! 😉

(Ina Liaudanskaité)

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