About ACARBIO and Make it Blue

ACARBIO is a non-profit organization on the Amalfi Coast based in Tramonti, the main goal of the organization is to preserve the local environment and the local cultural heritage presented by the terraced landscape. They also give place to several youth project, volunteering and youth projects, promoting sustainable lifestyle, environmental and naturalistic activities, awareness raising activities etc.

From the 15th of July until the 10th of August, 13 young people were part of a volunteering project called Make it Blue. We arrived in Tramonti from four different countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Romania. Our activities were based on the values of the organization in order to make us aware and conscious of our environment, we were working in the nature with the nature.

Tramonti is a town located in the territory of the Amalfi Coast and has several little communities and villages. The name of this place it is not a coincidence because it means “in the mountains”, and yes, we were exactly in the mountains. I felt like in the middle of everything and in the middle of nothing at the same time where you can always gain some smile from the locals, even if you don’t understand each other properly.

Let us share with you what we were doing in this magical place. We already cleaned some hiking paths and did cleaning actions in the nature. Because littering looks like quite a big problem in Tramonti, in addition of cleaning we tried to build connections with the locals and really talk about the problem. With the method of binding communication we created an action, which means that we asked the locals about their opinion related to littering, we offered the flyers about environmental issues, we created some posters with useful and motivating messages and placed them on the streets. We created a mural in Polvica, the paint is amazing… you should follow us, this is just the beginning.

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Make It Blue Team

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