Green Interview series: Anastasia Sapouna

Green Interview series aim to unfold experiences young people had in Tramonti, in ACARBIO. Each new expereinece in Tramonti is a new energy, new pulse towards the idea of creating an intercultural environment, co-creating thriving and learning community and reconnecting with nature in a more practical, knowledgable way.

Anastasia Sapouna from Greece spent 6 months in Tramonti, helping ACARBIO to build a bridge between the local and international community. Erasmus internship was an irrepresible expereinece for her, as it gave her a refreshing perspective on her life. She did not miss up her opportunity, her time to act and bring change!

So, let’s unreveal her green story with the help of 8 short questions:

-Why did you choose ACARBIO for your Erasmus internship?

 I was looking through the sustainable sector and environmental protection topics. So, for me, ACARBIO was exactly the thing that I needed – samall, local association, doing an honest job. So, I really wanted to try it.

-What did you do as an Erasmus Intern?

The topic of my internship was “sustainable project management”, so I worked on the ongoing projects of ACARBIO. The “RESCUE” project, when we were renewing the abandoned spaces all around Tramonti, also a bit of farming in the garden. It was so interesting, I worked with a lot of young people from all over Europe.

-Do you think your activities brought something new to Tramonti?

I really hope they did. We did quite a lot of things – worked on abandoned shelter up in the mountains, fixing everything by hand, making the garden, building a roof, a wall. We also didsome paintings in the school of Tramonti. We had many informational sessions with local community. So, I really hope we had an impact.

– Has Erasmus Internship changed you personally?

For sure. It has changed me a lot. It was exactly the thing that I needed, as it gave me perspective on my whole life, I met so many wonderful people, who had a great impact on me.

– Is there a favourite place of yours in Tramonti?

One day, by chance, me and my friends found a perfect place. It was like a field, on the edge of a hill from where you had a great view. It was so serene, so beautiful. You can go there to chill, to look up at the stars – it was perfect!

– Did you have some difficulties while staying in Tramonti?

It was a little weird at the beginning- different language, culture. But I got used to it pretty quickly, as I was already used to small community life.

– What is your favourite pharse in Italian?

Madonna Mia! Everyone is using this here (smiles).

– What would you say to the future Erasmus Interns of ACARBIO?

I would say that it is a great opportunity, everybody should do it. You have to expereinece it, you have to try everyting. Not let the time pass you by, even if it is 6 months or a year, which might seem a long time but it is not. Just take up every opportunity, meet new people, new culture, new friends, do not miss anything!

Anastasia’s green story thought us that we should not be afarid of taking risks and trying new things. Each of us is capable of something and it does not matter whether you are 18 or 28 – your ideas will always find a way to change the reality around you, just find your creative impulse and never let it go!


17.09.2022 , Tramonti


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