Autumn in the chestnut forest

Did you know that chestnut trees are part of Tramonti’s cultural heritage and farming economy?

A part of the forest had been abandoned for many years and we decided to reclaim it during the month of September; in order for it to be ready for harvesting season. The In the team, we went to clean and clear the area by cutting the undergrowth. Then, we selected small trees to cut to strengthen the bigger ones. In order for us to collect chestnuts we needed to have a clear space. Nice side effect, this is also the mushroom season !

In October, harvesting season came. During three weeks we went everyday to collect as many chestnuts as we could. It was important to go everyday considering that chestnuts are constantly falling down and it would be a waste not to collect them.

At the end of the harvesting season, we decided to organize a chestnut party in the forest. We created a poster for the event and invited friends and neighbours. Together we picked up some chestnuts that everyone could take back home, and we had a delicious and amusing lunch all together cooked by the ACARBIO team. The Menu ? Chestnut soup, melted cheese by the fire, chestnut cream pie, and coffee. It was a perfect moment to talk and share all together.

Author: Laura Clement



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