Amalfi Coast: the training course “Re-connecting to the Environment”

The training course “Re-connecting to the Environment” will take place in the Amalfi Coast, south of Italy from 7 to 15 October. The aims is to bring together young leaders and youth workers delegated by 12 organizations from different countries of Central and Eastern Europe as well as Mediterranean region.



The participants get the opportunity to spend 8 nights in the village of Tramonti – part of the Monti Lattari Regional Park and located in the back mountains of the stunning Amalfi Coast.

The coordinator of the project is ACARBIO which is working in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development since 2009. The main objective of ACARBIO is to make the Amalfi Coast a Biosphere Reserve within the MAB-UNESCO programme, focusing all its activities in the preparation of the candidature and all sort of projects that promote a sustainable development of the area.

The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of youth work by exploring non-formal learning through and in the nature as an effective way to work with youth, develop their competences and strengthen the connection to the local community.

This will be achieved also through Experiential Learning approach to personal and professional development, with elements of experiencing environmental outdoor activities and the added value given by observing and understanding the nature, challenging participants in the exploration of the natural environment as well as their inner personal and professional dimension.

Participants will be in fact engaged in an exciting 24-hours expedition in the nature and experiences will later be thoroughly analyzed in the group in order to apply it later in your own work with young people.

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