One of the nature beauties you can find in Tramonti

The butterfly that is called Wall Brown or Lasiommata Megera belongs to the Nymphalidaecan family. The name of Wall Brown was given to it in 1896 because of its habit to bask on all bare surfaces, which also includes walls. While warming itself in the sun, Lasiommata Megera keeps its wings lifted a little bit from the surface so it receives not only direct sunrays bot also the reflection from the bare ground, rock or wall. Usually there are two generations during the summer and the third small generation may emerge in October.

It can be found all across the Europe, also North Africa and Middle East, especially in the coastal areas. That’s why there was no surprise to meet it on a footpath from Pucara to Minori. Although in some articles it is written that this butterfly is highly alerted and difficult to approach for the photographs, we succeeded to capture it from very close distance. It was caught while resting on the rock.

Lasiommata Megera (The Wall Brown)

Lasiommata Megera (The Wall Brown)

However, in some countries the population of this butterfly is decreasing, for example in United Kingdom. Also, in Corsica and Sardinia you can meet a subspecies called Lasiommata Paramegera or Corsican Wall Brown.




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