9 “Make it blue” tips for the beach

Going to the beach these days is a pleasure. Although the beaches of the Amalfi coast are very full, there is still some small steps you can take to lower the pressure on the area in environmental or social terms. In July and August we are on the public beach of Minori at the project “Make it blue” to clean the beach and raise awareness about environmental issues. Now here are our (first) 9 tipps for the beach in order to help us keep the beach clean! Spoiler – some of them are also good for your wallet or your health!

  1. Bring your food in reusable containers, maybe you have some left from other occasions. That saves waste and resources and is good for your wallet! And having said that, please don’t use one way plastic dishes or cutlery as well.
  2. Bring your water in your own bottles and refill them instead of buying new plastic bottles. That saves waste and resources and is good for your wallet! And you will always have something to drink with you, which is important at those temperatures.
  3. Use the waste deposal facilities at the local level and recycle there. Don’t put the waste just in the sand. Recycling:
  • plastic bottles, rests of plastic packaging materials go into plastic/aluminium, aluminum cans go into plastic/aluminum as well,
  • Carton and paper – if it is clean – go into carta (if they are dirty they go to the mixed waste)
  • Glass goes to glass
  • And most important – everything else goes into the mixed waste! Please don’t just throw it anywhere if you don’t find the correct waste bin. You will help a lot with the recycling of the materials later!
  1. Dear smokers, please use ashtrays from the beach or bring your own. There are some available at the “Make it blue” tent which we made together with the kids in the workshop, but you can as well use your own. Just please empty them at the end of your day and return them to us, so they can be reused. And old cigarettes go into the mixed waste.
  2. Kids, come to our workshop! We have workshop every day from 10-12:00, except Mondays. We play different types of games, draw posters or have creativity laboratories.
  3. Use cosmetic products only when necessary, and not shortly before you go into the water. Otherwise they will just be washed away in the sea and of no use, and the lotions and deodorants end all up in the sea otherwise and causes problems there due to their toxic effect. Or even better, use only ecofriendly cosmetic products.
  4. Save water while using the shower or the food washing shower – we see a lot of showers running with no one under there. Try to use the water efficiently! Especially in these dry conditions, water is very precious.
  5. For your health – use proper sun protection to avoid insolation and other bad conditions
  6. For your health – drink enough water with that kind of heat and sun-intensity.

Did we forget anything? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about it!

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di Cornelia Kramsall * studente della gestione ambientale all’University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna

“passionate about projects and ideas to enjoy life while greening the world – let’s keep spreading the word”



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