10 TIPS ABOUT ITALIAN COFFEE FOR BEGINNERS. The perfect after-lunch-ceremony.

Obsessed about culinary? No way! Did you ever wonder about the Italian way to make coffee? Well, coffee is not coffee. And the difference is noticeable. But don’t worry, there are 10 easy tips to cook Italian coffee:

  1. Use a “caffetiera”. It’s those old style, metal coffee cookers that have 3 pieces and you put them directly on the stove. “Nespresso”, what is that?
  2. Always in company. A coffee machine for one coffee will be considered something sad. Coffee is a social ceremony, and is never enjoyed for something as banal as “to wake up in the morning”.
  3. Fill the right amount of water. It should be right up to the valve, not more. Otherwise the coffee will get too watery.
  4. Fill the right amount of coffee. So the filter needs to be full with a small hill on top, but not pressed. If you press it, the coffee will start to get burned.
  5. Let it cook for the right amount of time. The moment only foam comes out and you hear the familiar noise, turn the flame off. Otherwise it will get burned.
  6. Stir it. Otherwise the first person will have too light coffee, and the last person too strong coffee.
  7. Have the right temperature for the cups. They are supposed to be warm enough to keep the coffee warm, but not too hot to burn you.
  8. Have the right amount of coffee in the cups. It’s a sip, not more. A sip.
  9. Amaro o dolce. But NEVER, never drink Cappuccino after lunch.
  10. Don’t wash the caffetiera with soap. Otherwise the coffee will start tasting strange. And trust me, it will be noticed.
  11. Remember, that coffee is not a beverage, it is an art, life style and faith-related topic. Never underestimate the importance of good coffee. And don’t let yourself get distracted during the preparation process!
  12. Of course there are more than 10 rules. What did you expect? 10 exactly? Numbers… one is like the other. So no one ever counted them, nor will ever count them, and there will be even more rules for more experienced people, more tricks on how to always improve the result. Or more local secrets about different styles of coffee.

So, in case you thought Italians are obsessed with culinary, I’m sure this simple manual will make you change your expectations. Remember, there is just simple rules to keep in mind to arrive at the perfect after lunch ceremony 😉

Stay tuned for more tips on Italian coffee!


Cornelia Kramsall * student in Environmental Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna

“passionate about projects and ideas to enjoy life while greening the world – let’s keep spreading the word”

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