European youth dialogue in Logroño, Spain.



Youth activism in our partner region.

2020 has been the launch year of the first edition of the youth dialogues in Logroño. This initiative, which aims to connect youngsters with the leaders involved in the decision making, is a European key action, experiencing great growth since when created 10 years ago.

Thanks to the coordination of the Youth Council of Spain, the objective is to bring the institutions, democractic procedures and participation opportunities evenly to reach less opportunities youngsters motivated to have an impact in their local community.


What is a European Youth Dialogue?


3 Topics: Education, rural development and youth.

The main goal is to make a local impact without losing a common european strategy. That is why, lead by the European youth forum, 3 main topics are selected in order to focus on the most relevant matters of today.

Education: Just some of the topics on the table include a new curriculum, a changing job market, IT, different learning methods or the challenges of public education.


Rural development: One of the main concerns of every EU country is to combat the extreme depopulation of rural areas and the creation of new opportunities for these communities. This holds importance in the culture, economy and environmental sustainability of all of these areas, which is in greater danger than ever.


Youth: The dramatic unemployment rate this generation suffers, or the current crisis suffering in terms of opportunities, economic stability or rights make this topic the broader of the three mentioned. Demands such as moving the voting age from 18 to 16 appears as one of the fundamental petitions discussed. but we must first consider. 

Reflections and next steps.

The first impression of the politicians has been very satisfactory. “They have agreed on the importance of accompanying youngsters to the unknown, the future. A place which nobody knows how will be, but which for sure, young people is destinated to lead”.

During the following months, local, national and european level events will have the responsibility of succesfully carrying this project to its final destination. In the programmed agenda tolos such as training courses, mobilities, eco gardening proposals and more will lead to a final portofolio to define future youth european policy budget.

Miguel Lucea, ESC Volunteer.


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