Living in Tramonti, Italy : more culture shock than I imagined

Living the Tramontana life

As a world explorer and a french traveler I imagined my journey in Italy to be easy, but it has been otherwise.

I came in Italy to do my internship as I found an offer in ACARBIO NGO (Associazione Coastiera Amalfitana Biosfera).The NGO is situated in Tramonti, the rural area of Amalfi Coast. During previous interviews, before the internship starts, I have been aware that it is very rural. For me, this was fine, even though I got use to city places since I moved from the family house. Indeed, I grew up in the country side of France, in a small village of less than 100 inhabitants until my 17’s. However, the rural area I was living in is very different from Tramonti! When I arrived, I lived a culture shock!

Tramonti is more populated, 4,000 inhabitants, but it is also more spread! It is situated hinterland of Amalfi Coast region and it is surrounded by the mountains. Everything is authentic and local, it is quite landlocked as there is only one single small road for the whole area. The climate is also more wayward.

Since day first, I was blown by the landscape: the shape of the mountains, its steepness and the multiple terraces! It was also super lush. People were farming, and during winter they clean the land to prepare it for cultivation, thus there were smoke in every corner of the mountain.

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