From Bavaria to the Amalfi Coast

As I needed to spend some time abroad for my university, I decided to do a traineeship within the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. I love the Italian language and southern Italian culture and always wanted to go to one of the southern regions. Then I found an opportunity at Acarbio in Tramonti near the Amalfi Coast and tried my luck. And it really turned out as big luck. You will see later

After a long journey from Bavaria by train I was greeted by one of Acarbio’s coordinators Antonio who showed me around a little bit. For sure at my first working day, I was really nervous and excited, but pretty soon I realized that the other volunteers and the people from and around Acarbio were some of the nicest people you could meet. There is some special vibe in this region which is hard to describe in words. The people there were the most helpful, good-humoured, generous and cheerful people I ever met. And they were the reason why every day in the office was a fun day for sure. Apart from the people, many other things made this experience amazing. The weather in south Italy is enjoyable all year. I could go to the beach to read a book until the end of November – at which time Germans normally wear already their thick winter coats.

But as a traineeship is also about working, I would like to mention some tasks I was allowed to do. Normally I had tasks outside the office in Acarbio’s garden or in the nearby nature. From picking tomatoes to cutting grass, it was a wide range of outside tasks I could do. But my personal work-related highlight was a Permaculture Design course in which I could participate. In this training I learned a lot about regenerative agriculture and gardening. Also, I met many other participants from all over Europe.

Furthermore, I was impressed that the people in this region are happy no matter how life treats them. In case it is raining, the neighbors invite each other to bake pizza or do dancing and music classes. In case the car breaks down, you go to neighbors who help you fix it. In case you are missing parsley, you ask your neighbor who comes back from the kitchen with not only parsley, but a full sack of potatoes and onions from their own garden. These are just some examples of the simple, but amazing life of the people in Tramonti.

Additionally, the nature at the Amalfi Coast is just wonderful. Steep cliffs, clear blue water and most importantly beautiful mountains are the reason for the natural beauty.

I already talked about the people, but even the dogs are great. Acarbio’s organization dogs Bushka and Fiasco are one of the most lovable creatures on this planet. Whenever you go somewhere in Tramonti they come running towards you with a smile on their face which just lightens up your day every time. You can even take them for a hike in the mountains.

This experience would have been great anyways, but living and working together with wonderful people from other countries made it even better. Since I am back in Germany, I have been missing my Armenian, Russian and Tunisian flatmates. I loved cooking new things with them and making trips to the beach.

To mention all the beautiful things, that I experienced would be way too long, therefore I can only say:

Thank you all for making my stay at Acarbio the best time of my life.

Greetings from Germany


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